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Welcome to the Law School Bound website.

There is no magic to law school admissions.

Confidence begins by understanding the admissions process. Read about the different law schools which interest you. Write to them. Clarify any outstanding issues. Note the difference in importance placed on academic aspects like GPA or LSAT results or on non-academic aspects like letters of reference, autobiographical materials or interviews. Be sure you are aware of the regional considerations.

When you know the grades and/or LSAT scores you need - prepare, study, attain your goals with some to spare. Along the route, bend your thoughts to the non-academic part of the application: prepare, learn, read, and practice. All these things you do as if your future career depends on it, because it does.

This website is designed to address the entire admissions process to law school. We will look at your choice of undergraduate studies and how to improve your grades. The LSAT is dissected, necessary scores discussed and a clear plan to excel is presented. We will also turn to the non-academic aspect of admissions.  Autobiographical materials and letters of reference are discussed followed by sample successful submissions where available. You will also find current changes and trends in law school admissions and education, lists of law schools, financing law school, humor and much more.

The admissions process is imperfect and as such will continue to undergo change. The objective of this website is simple: to underline the fact that the greatest factor affecting your chances of being accepted to law school is you. The quality of your application does not depend on anyone else. There is no perfect candidate but you must strive to excel in the various aspects of the application. There are many thousands of positions in US and Canadian law schools available each year. There is enough room for both sexes, all religions, all races and for great diversity in culture and experience. Use your unique experiences to clarify your decision to pursue law as a career. Once this is done, buckle up and get ready for the ride... By the way, you're driving.

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