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Welcome To LawSchoolBound.com
A Companion Site To The Book

Hi.  My name is John Richardson.  I have counseled pre-law students and taught LSAT courses (since I was in law school myself) for approximately twenty years. During that time I have learned a lot about both the law admissions process and the LSAT. It is my hope that this site will give you the benefits of some of this knowledge and experience. 

I am the author of the following books of interest to pre-law students:

Mastering The LSAT - How To Prepare Effectively And Successfully 

Mastering The Personal Statement - The Complete Marketing Manual For Law - MBA - Med and Grad Schools 

Law School Bound - How To Get Into Law School And Become A Lawyer in Canada And The U.S. 

I publish a monthly newsletter for pre-law students called: Law School Bound. It is available by email and is FREE. If you wish to subscribe, simply send me an email to subscribe@lawschoolbound.com.

I deliver "Law School Bound" seminars on College and University campuses to pre-law students.

I continue to teach live LSAT courses in the Toronto area - For more information, visit my affiliate site at www.prep.com/law/lsat.html

By way of further background: 

I am a member of the bars on Massachusetts, New York and the province of Ontario. In addition to providing an informational site and meeting place for pre-law students, I also intend to use this site to update and add information to the chapters of my newly revised "Law School Bound" book. This will keep it current!! 

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you are accepted to the law school of your choice. I would wish you luck - but I don't believe in luck. I do however believe in the benefits of:

- setting goals 

- implementing goals once they are set 

- hard work!! 

To put it another way: "Chance Favours The PREPared Mind!" 

Law school is tremendously interesting and a career in law is as interesting a career as you can get! 

Sincerely yours, 

John Richardson

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